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Before you start

You will need the following information before proceeding with an application:

Location information

  • A good knowledge of exactly where you want to film

Schedule information

  • When you plan to start and finish at each location

Shoot information

  • Type of equipment
  • Crew size
  • Number of cast
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • A thorough knowledge of the action or type of filming to be done at the location

Production information

  • Your company information (including company registration number and address)
  • A copy of your Public liability insurance / COI policy in electronic form (PDF or JPG)
  • Accounts department details (if there is a fee to be paid)

Once you have entered the production information, FilmApp will remember the data the next time you apply to film. If you are working on a new production, you will need to enter the new production information the first time you apply.